Offer the electronic copy of print books to your readers.

Nu-book has launched E-match-Print, an easy and affordable way for you to print your books—and give readers the ebook versions, too!

Amazon is now offering its Matchbook service to book publishers! As a book printer, you should be getting in on the game to offer this service to your clients!

   How does it work? It’s simple!


1. You print the book as you normally would do. You send us your files.   2. We provide you with scratch-off labels that display a token.


3. You affix the labels on the covers of your printed books. Off they go through the normal distribution chain.   4. Readers buy the print book. If they are interested in discovering the digital version, they simply visit, validate their tokens, and download the feature-rich My Nu-book app on the smartphone or tablet. Within seconds, they get access to their FREE ebook.

   The benefits?

You offer readers more than other print books on the shelves. Sure, it is great to sell the print copy. But what if you could offer a time-limited, free access to the ebook version? Which book would you rather pick up and buy?

You get into the ebook business—fast: You don’t need to invest in a white label app if you’re not ready.

You get to sell directly to customers—today. Yes, it’s true: you’ll finally know who your readers are! Imagine gaining access to customer statistics (who downloaded what, when) and being able to communicate directly with readers for upcoming releases.

You can add an additional sales channel to your marketing mix. In conjunction with our My Nu-book app, you can also sell direct to your readers! Once the free ebook’s access period runs out, a prompt can be displayed, inciting readers to purchase the ebook version. And yes, you can still sell through your normal distribution channels, including Amazon and Apple. But the beauty of Nu-book’s solution: you can also sell direct, bypassing the hefty 50% + royalty fees.

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Dynagram is Nu-book’s official distributor of our E-match-Print solution for printers. Contact them directly for more information!
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