Nu-book launches My Nu-book destination app for book publishers as an alternative to Amazon and Amazon Matchbook

Quebec, September 30, 2013 — Nu-book, the leading North American provider of ereading technology platforms for the publishing industry, today announced the upgrade of My Nu-book platform, a solution for book publishers to sell their ebooks directly to readers.

My Nu-book app is a destination that receives ebooks from a variety of different book publishers, each publisher having its own branded ebookstore. The whole platform could be compared to a digital “shopping center” that features various ebook shops. My Nu-book enables book publishers to sell their front- and back-lists without going through a retail intermediary, such as Amazon.

In addition, the My Nu-book platform can also enable publishers to offer print and ebook bundles, thanks to its secure, yet easy-to-use token-based system. Readers acquire the print books in brick-and-mortar stores, and gain access to a token that allows them to download the ebook version.

The My Nu-book ereading platform, as both a destination app and as an alternative to Amazon’s recently announced Matchbook service for Kindle, offers distinct advantages:

  • It’s multi-device and multiplatform: My Nu-book’s sophisticated core platform allows publishers to deploy their content on a variety of different devices and platforms, including iOS and Android tablets or smartphones, and Mac OS and Windows desktop computers.

  • It keeps book publishers in control: Contrary to retailers, such as Amazon, My Nu-book is NOT a retail outlet. This means that publishers gain access to reader contact information, user stats, and a variety of other metrics and statistics that are normally withheld at the retail level.

My Nu-book gives book publishers a unique blend of security, total control over their ebook distribution strategy, and the flexibility to reach the most readers on the most devices.

For more information on Nu-book’s new suite of solutions for publishers, visit: my.nu-book.com.

About Nu-book

Nu-book remains steadfast in its belief that publishers should remain in control of their content, distribution strategy, and, in particular, the means with which their readers acquire their content. Through its sophisticated, secure and flexible core technology platform, book, corporate, retail, catalogue, magazine, and newspaper publishers can easily and seamlessly deploy their content on mobile devices and desktop computers. With over 40 years’ experience providing publishing and print production technology and services, Nu-book has a true, in-depth grasp on the publishing business. It has offices in San Diego, California and Québec, Canada. For more information: www.nu-book.com.


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