Nu-book launches sophisticated reading application for avid readers

Quebec, Canada, May 17, 2011. Diffusions Nu-book, the leading developer of customized iPad-based ebook reading applications for the publishing industry, announced today that it has launched its sophisticated iPad reading application for consumers. Avid readers can now read DRM-free PDF and epub content via a reading application with a wider variety of reader-friendly features than any other application on the market. There is simply no better way to read and enjoy digital content.

The Nubook application was developed by readers—for readers. Users can read both PDF and epub content, including DRM-free ebooks, email attachments, and loads of other specialized documents as well. Robust, the Nubook reading application can handle any large files that typically make other apps crash.  

There is simply no other reading app that offers as many reading features as Nubook, which include:

General Features

  • Personalized library with visual or list views
  • References in each ebook to facilitate access to various sections
  • Optimized display for both portrait and landscape viewing
  • Horizontal slider for easy access to specific pages
  • Hyperlinks and navigational tools to go back and forth between pages
  • Advanced text searches with contextual results
  • Bookmarks and navigation throughout bookmarked pages
  • Text annotations, with advanced editing options
  • Text searches within user’s annotations
  • Extensive user preferences

PDF Files

  • Quick loading of PDF files, no matter the number of pages or number/resolution of images
  • Continuous and fluid zooming, while maintaining high image/text quality
  • Visual thumbnails for quick access to specific pages. These thumbnails can be zoomed in or out
  • Graphic annotations (highlighter, pen, eraser, and correction fluid)
  • Audio and video support

ePub Files

  • Dynamic pagination
  • Continuous and fluid text resizing with zoom gesture
  • Display preferences, such as the selection of font sizes and types, and background colors.
  • Typographical adjustments, such as justifying paragraphs, avoiding widows and orphans, keeping titles with paragraphs, and increasing/decreasing margins and line spacing.
  • Highlighting selected text

The Nubook reading application is available at $1.99 for download at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nubook/id430912731?mt=8.
Stay tuned for upgrades—there are even more great features to come!

About Diffusions Nu-book

Nu-book develops sophisticated reading applications for the publishing industry as well as consumers. We offer specialty publishers practical, end-to-end solutions to bring their back- and front-lists into the digital realm. Nu-book solutions are secure, efficient and cost-effective to deploy. Forget complex platforms and pie-in-the-sky content enhancement: Nu-book provides a saner approach to transitioning to digital, from both a production and business model standpoint. With over 40 years experience providing publishing and print production technology and services, Nu-book’s distinct advantage over other providers: we understand book publishing and we love to read.
For more information: www.nu-book.com.


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