Professional publishers:
protect your business
model and customers

Rely on an independent technology platform that enables you to keep your most precious assets:
your bottom line and readers!

Nu-book is a sophisticated ebook platform

For science, technology, medical and legal publishers that is easy to implement and easy to use. In today’s hypercompetitive market where big technology players are trying to take your business away, we provide a turnkey solution to keep you selling directly to your readers—and maintaining your revenues.

Professional publishers: sell ebooks directly to your readers

Are you professional publisher? Are you looking to offer ebooks to your readers?
Do you want to maintain your direct sales to customers?
Then, the Nu-book ebook platform is for you! Check out are many benefits:

Sell ebooks directly
to readers

Don’t sacrifice ebook sales to ebook third parties. Keep selling directly to your customers. Readers can access their ebooks through any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer!

Sell ebooks directly to readers

Maintain your
business model

When you continue to sell directly to your readers, even with ebooks, you maintain your margins and protect your bottom line.

Maintain your business model

Preserve your
customer database

Offer email promotions and newsletters to your readers who prefer ebooks. These are the perfect means to increase sales!

Preserve your customer database

Access readership statistics

Ever wondered who actually reads your books and what sections of each book is the most popular? With our ebook technology, now you know exactly what is the most useful and...

Access readership statistics

Provide ebook bonuses with your print books

Are your readers into print and just starting to discover ebooks? No problem! We offer an easy way for you to continuing selling print books—and offering complementary ebook versions as well. It’s a great discovery tool!

Provide ebook bonuses with your print books

Offer great
ereading features

You invest a lot in providing the best STM material out there! Make sure your ebooks reflect the quality of your work. Nu-book offers a variety of advanced search, versioning and cross-referencing features that STM publishers have come to expect in an ebook technology pro.

Offer great ereading features

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Who is Nu-book

Nu-book is an ebook technology platform that caters to the distinct needs of professional publishers looking to sell ebooks directly to their customers and mitigate the loss of revenues when selling through third parties. We provide access to reader information and behavior so that you know what customers are reading and maintain a direct link with your readership for future ebook launches.


Over twenty years in the print and publishing industry


Technology platform based on the true needs of professional publishers


Easy-to-understand and cost-effective business model that enables professional publishers to maintain their current business models


Stellar customer support; ebook technology may seem complicated, but we simplify it for you


Excellent security, protecting your content from unauthorized copying and sharing